miércoles, 1 de junio de 2016

Competition in the supermarket!

Although it may seem "crazy", what the title says is the reality.... competition in the supermarket!
I imagine you thinking about what kind of competition is that so, I will solve your questions ;-)

Do you remember the healthy walks? Ok, this was the start of #kaskomío. With these walks we have learnt a lot and now, we have to prepare a healthy dish; let´s memory about the seven healthy and basics points:
                           1. Fresh product
                           2. Unprocessed product
                           3. Local product
                           4. Seasonal product
                           5. Product with no added sugar
                           6. Product raised in good conditions
                           7. Product alternative to wheat and cow's milk

In my class, some groups have received the breakfast, others groups have received a dish for the luch, a dessert etc. I have a dish, so, first, my friend and I thought the dish and the products that we need to do it.

 The competition consists of: several groups come together and have a shopping cart. Each group should spend no more than five euros (20 euros per cart) and the objetive is to pay fast and be the first but...... it isn't easy!!! We have to advise our classmates, add some product healthy points, choose well... complicated, but... VERY FUN TASK!

We have the products, just cook! Let`s go!!!!!!

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