miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2016

Training: developments in body composition

Talk about my weight has always been very difficult for me. However, since I started #DesWhyFit I've been slowly getting fatter and I feel great.

In the photos, I see my weight in January and my weight in March. But the really important thing is the body fat.

As you can see, my fat at the beginning of the project was 23.7% and fat mass, 11.9 kg. 
Now, my fat rate is 11.5% and my fat mass is 5, 8kg.  This is to say that I have improved!!!! :-)

If we talk about fat-free mass, before I had 38, 4 kg and now 45.5 kg. My mass index is 19, 6 kg/m2, 400 grams more than before.

If I leave the weight and mass on one side, I'd like to talk about what I feel in my body since I started.
I have to say that before this project, I not practiced sport because I have always associated the sport with weight loss. 
However, when I started the project I gave realized that doing sports also can gain weight, and much more, our body evolves in an incredible way. As a result, I feel an evolution in my body.
At the beginning, I  had many aches, pains and I  had to make more effort. Then, I went used and now, I like the idea to put my body the limit and give the best of me. 
I think that my muscles have been developed, and perhaps I'm wrong, but I notice my arms and above all my legs and my butt, harder, more exercised. 
It is true that my weight has gone up, but my teacher told me that it is normal, therefore doing sport, we always have more hunger. 

In short, I love my body has evolved. Perhaps physically not, but psychologically.  I am very proud of me.


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  1. Apart from the questionable accuracy of those machines, you obviously changed your body composition. What changes did you feel in your body?